Max Weber and Worldstouch

 Max Weber and the Protestant Ethic

When I lived in Alaska in 1972, a young woman hitchhiked down to our homestead, offering to barter her labor for room and board. At the time, I was a neophyte writer, so came up with an essay I eventually submitted to the Mother Earth News. I’m not 100% sure what ever happened to it. This idea of bartering work in exchange for hospitality has intrigued me since.

The idea that God somehow supports the project of amassing wealth, even for the purposes of investing and growing a business, has just never really forged a route through my solid 60s, counterculture mentality.

The podcast featured here fired my determination to leave the for-profit world and offer what I know and can do to others in exchange for hospitality. That is one of the central principles of WorldsTouch.