About Us

We have clients in both the USA and in far-flung countries (...soon to be Trinidad and Argentina!)

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Our esteemed American clients support our international work. They purchase packages of hours for Salesforce projects and support. We spend those fees primarily on airplane tickets to clients and for prospecting trips.

When we contract with an international client, we

  • take a plane to visit them (typically three to four weeks)
  • offer our services in exchange for
    • room and board
    • transport to and from the airport
    • ...and decent internet.

We work with our American clients even when we’re staying with international clients, often far into the evenings.

Our fees are considerably lower than other consultants with similar levels of expertise and experience. We didn’t ask: What’s the going rate? We instead asked: What do we need to bring in so we can travel to our international clients and serve those in American who might not be able to afford the going rate?

“Trish has excellent expertise in Salesforce and third-party apps like Apsona. It is a pleasure to work with her as she combines knowledge, communication skills, and a lovely personality.” — Sadhana Dutt, Apsona.com

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Pricing for our services

We sell packages of hours starting at 10-hour packages for one-off support and continuing in 10-hour segments. Our clients purchase a package, and we get to work. We charge $75/hour.

Our true mission is intercultural understanding and exchange, and our vehicle for doing that is Salesforce.

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community has recognized Trish’s work by awarding her the prestigious Most Valuable Partner (MVP) status. This award goes to those nominated by their peers, and chosen by a combination of other Salesforce clients and Salesforce staff members. It means that our work has been recognized as a community contribution.

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Our Team

Patricia Perkins, CEO

Patricia Perkins is founder and executive director of Worldstouch, the organization she founded in 2004 to promote world peace through deep intercultural understanding and communication. She uses Salesforce as a database for good, supporting the humanitarian and peace-building work of international and domestic charities and nonprofits. She is a Trailblazer Community co-leader and a Salesforce MVP. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, certified yoga teacher and avid reader.

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Bihm takes selfie with Trisha and Himalayan ladies

Bhim Raj Mainali

Bhim is a Salesforce Administrator/Consultant who is passionate about automation. He has experience working with nonprofit clients in India, Cambodia, and the US. He serves as System Admin at Hayden Hall, Worldstouch’s longstanding client in Darjeeling, India. In addition to Salesforce, Bhim likes trekking, reading, and traveling.

Jean-Francois Llorens

Jean-Francois is a talented artist who offers his photographic and video experience to Worldstouch clients. A retired college professor of French, Jean-Francois now spends time with ceramics, metalworks, found objects, and installations. He likes flying his drone and then producing videos.

A sunny portrait of Jean-Francois Llorens in South Africa. Jean-Francois Llorens is wearing a beret hat and distinctive round glasses.

We deliver a world-class solution with a grassroots price.