Case Studies

Four teens wearing a Safe Driving wrist band.
Texas A&M logo

Youth Transportation Safety Program at Texas A&M University

The program is a peer-to-peer initiative that activates young drivers to encourage safe driving, safe riding and safe walking behaviors among fellow students. It includes five programs with junior high, high school and university teams, funded through 13 public and private grants. Every year, the Youth Transportation Safety program works with 400+ schools in several states. Students encourage safety through a series of activities on social media, in school and outside the classroom. They submit activity forms for points that count towards cash prizes for schools and other incentives. 

The Problem:

When Worldstouch started working with the program, all the points were being logged by hand, into spreadsheets that had to be meticulously maintained by staff members. Many hours of staff time went to keeping track of student activities. 

The Solution:

Worldstouch worked with staff at Youth Transportation Safety to build a scorecard that would reflect each school’s contributions to promoting safety throughout the student population. The scorecard points came in from online forms, participating teachers and online contests. There are maximum points for activities, bonus points for timely activity submissions, deadlines to be met and annual point changes. Worldstouch used Salesforce formula fields, workflows, process builder processes and Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries to automate tracking points and tabulating totals. The automation saved hours of staff time, and helped support the program’s expansion to more students and more schools across the USA.