Worldstouch works with nonprofit organizations in the USA and worldwide to provide affordable, quality, mission-driven Salesforce solutions.

You want to be spending your time making the world a better place, not grappling with a system that feels overwhelming and complicated…with all the help available only, it seems, at premium price-tags.

We make Salesforce easy for the non-techie staff.

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A nonprofit that supports foster children in loving families came to us with a sheaf of spreadsheets. That used to work fine for the organization, but they found they needed to upgrade to a more robust environment.

Trish has provided unmatched Salesforce support, increased my knowledge, and fostered my confidence since I was a newbie nearly a decade ago. Without her as my guru to patiently provide input to solve unexpected issues, and prompt explanations and assistance, it would have been an enormous challenge to do my work efficiently.

— Michael Goodman, National Center for Family Philanthropy

Trish and Jean Paul sitting sitting with 5 people around a table in Nepal

We bring all the spreadsheets into one version of logical and visible truth, in Salesforce.


One of our clients is a nonprofit that helps young people get access to higher education. Their large staff of advisors had never used Salesforce before because it seemed overly complex.

Working with Trish is great because of how she breaks the problem down into simple parts, and then provides the tools to find the solution in my own way without projecting “her way” of doing things into OUR projects.

Rome Busa, College Now of Greater Cleveland

Trish smiling with Himalayan ladies and children

We help you gain the expertise you need, as and when you are ready.



We worked with a nonprofit that supports vulnerable individuals and families with food, clothing and job training. They needed to ramp up their system administrator’s Salesforce skillset for new programs and new approaches to existing programs. They kept putting it off because the price tag for training was too high.

Trish was exceptional at listening to our needs and learning about our workflow before offering solutions built specifically for us. There was no challenge too big or remained unconquered. We ended up with a tool the whole team loves.

— Stacey Tisdale, Texas Transportation Institute’s Teen Safe Driving Program

Trish working in front of computer with Liberty Asia

Why Worldstouch?

Trish with Ryan Ozimek in India

At Worldstouch, we are dedicated to making the world a better place right alongside our nonprofit clients.

Trish presentation on Cambodian School Project for UG

We have over 14 years' experience in the nonprofit Salesforce community, as a system administrator and then as a trusted consultant.

Trish speaking with people while in India

Our international work has taught us that relationships open the way to understanding—even understanding seemingly complex software.


We deliver a world-class solution with a grassroots price.