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Everywhere we go, Worldstouch works with nonprofits. Every visit is a gift — the opportunity to learn about the world and to give back to others.


Trish met the Fundraising Director of Phare, the Cambodian Circus online, in one of the Salesforce forums, and a couple of years later, came to Cambodia to work with Phare. The circus is located in Siem Reap, the tourist town next to Ankor Wat, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Several hours to the west, Phare Ponleu Selpak is a nonprofit visual and performing arts school that provides performers for the circus, which in turn helps fund the school. Trish has worked with the fundraising teams of both organizations, and helped set up the Education Data Architecture in Salesforce for the school. Trish also worked with Liberty Asia to fight human trafficking.


Selamta Family Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, offers the chance for orphaned, abandoned, neglected, and abused children to find a forever family in a loving and supportive environment. The first visit to Selamta in Ethiopia was organized by the organization now called Amplify! Worldstouch — Trish and Jean-Francois, have returned several times — to work with program managers and take photos and videos.


In 2006, the Rotary District 7690 awarded Trish an Ambassadorial Scholarship to study Nepali for four months in Darjeeling, India. She was required to live with a local family and volunteer with an organization in the city. That turned out to be Hayden Hall, a social services organization founded 50 years ago by the Catholic missionaries from Canada. Trish has been working with Hayden Hall since, including work on the website, writing a booklet about the founding Father, Father Burns, and, for the past five years, developing a comprehensive Salesforce database.


Trish’s first tech client was in Patan, Nepal. After two years studying technology, especially database theory and design, she flew to Nepal to work with Lumanti, an organization that is dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in Nepal. It focuses its work in informal settlements and marginalized communities with housing projects, slum upgrading, savings/credit, water and sanitation projects, research and advocacy. During her first visit there, Trish also began to support RCRD/CBR, an organization that works with and for disabled people with information sharing, human resource development, and advocacy. She is also working with Teach for Nepal, an organization that places recent college graduate teacher trainees in understaffed schools to help more young people graduate from secondary schools.

New Zealand

Trish offered support and training to five different affiliates of the Habitat for Humanity New Zealand.

South Africa

Trish and a team of Salesforce consultants worked with UTurn, a Christian organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Cape Town. The organization wanted to develop a way to keep track of the availability of shelter for the homeless during the icy Cape Town winters. Trish and her team worked on an online directory of shelters and their vacancies that could be accessed to help a homeless person find a bed.

South America

In 2018, Trish traveled to Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia to pave the way for Worldstouch. Trish was introduced to the founder of Via Cocina, a charity that teached Colombian kids how to cook local food in a healthy way. She attended a tech conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina organized by a local nonprofit tech organization, and shared Salesforce tips and tricks with the staff.


Culture, What is it, really?

Trish delivers a presentation to the Future Business Leaders of America at High Point University in the fall of 2008.

The World's Oldest Salesforce Consultant - Salesforce Chef

YouTube Blogger Salesforce Chef interviews Trish on her journey to Salesforce consultant, starting at age 55.