Packing List

Packing list (2003) for two-and-a-half months on the road in Europe– biking in Holland, baptism ceremony in France, bouncing through Poland and the Baltic countries.

Updated packing system. Almost identical to 2003.
Updated packing system. Almost identical to 2003.

Update from 2014: The electronics–iPad, iPhone, Nook, chargers, battery unit, backup storage, takes up the same space as the books and audio tapes and journal from 2003. So the space and weight are nearly identical.

  1. LL Bean shoulder bag
    • a pair of cotton pants
    • 2 t-shirts
    • 1 dress
    • a pr of sandals
    • 2 prs of socks
    • 2 changes of underwear
    • long underwear, upper and lower
    • Irish wool hat (lost in Holland and replaced with cotton)
    • 4 bandanas
    • 1 plastic orange rain poncho
    • jewelry to wear and give away
    • long French Wool/cotton scarf
    • tank top
    • folding dop kit
    • small towel
  2. in folding dop kit
    • shampoo and conditioner
    • baby powder
    • toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
    • body wash instead of soap
    • mosquito repellant
    • mentholatum and carmex (lip balm and sore goo)
    • antibiotic ointment, cotton pads
    • my medications
  3. Bookbag-sized backpack
    • pens, pencils
    • change purse
    • flashlight
    • 3 books, including Europe on a Shoestring, Lonely Planet’s guide
    • my journal
    • a small notebook for day notes and finances
    • photo album
    • zeroxed piano music
    • calendar
    • calculator
    • sun glasses, clip-ons
    • cassette tape of my yoga workout
    • Envelope with
      • Photos of various sizes to give away
      • eyeglass prescription
      • copy of Servas letter of introduction and recommendations to travelers
      • new credit card with documentation
      • notarized photocopy of my passport
  4. In neck pouch
    • traveler’s checks, cash, credit card
    • driver’s license
    • phone card
    • student card
  5. I’m wearing, for the trip over by airplane
    • tennis shoes, comfortable, for walking
    • socks
    • cotton pants, actually boy’s pyjama bottoms, expandable waist, easy fit
      for sitting in squashed airplane seats
    • t-shirt
    • green fleece pullover jacket, warm and fuzzy for the airport’s
    • a special necklace a friend made especially for me


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