Empty outside terrace at Bhaktapur Nepal

That Sinking Feeling

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It was the eve of my first post-Work-For-Da-Man trip. I’d spent two years in a kind of purgatory, required to bill 30 hours a week, haunted with ever-changing business processes and a persistent feeling that I wasn’t good enough, would…
Temporary housing after earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Into the Real Place, Slowly

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It’s always good to experience the real life of a place, even if you are not good at it. I was looking at the load-shedding schedule for today: 6am – 11am, 4pm -8pm. Nine hours without electricity. My laptop is…
Bhim, system admin and Binita with infant

International Work: Success story

OH! YES! I had a HUGE HUGE milestone yesterday! I’m at Hayden Hall, where I’ve built a medical records system for a group of paramedics working with pregnant women and mothers with kids under 5 years old to improve health…
Group of friends smiling, sitting at a restaurant table with drinks

Navigating the Cultural Waters

Today was my first day of non-jet-lagged brain waves here in Ethiopia. Though much of the country adheres to a very ancient form of Christianity, from our building we can hear the Muslim call to prayer starting at about 5:30…
Screen image of Ethiopia Weather project

Project: Selamta in Ethiopia- We’re OFF!

Leaving in a few minutes for the first airplane. In DC, I’ll be meeting Marisa Stam, Executive Director of the Selamta Family Project, the organization I’ll be working with for the next two weeks. This is a joint project of…
The stupa at Swayambunat


Dateline: New York City, Grad Student Apartment. Outside, 22 degrees F, -6 degrees C, with a wind chill factor that considerably reduces the effective temperature. In Kathmandu today, it was 50 degrees F. The deepest winter cold is over there.…
Man rolling on his side through the streets of Nepal


I’ve acquired an entirely different perspective on heat, heating, and getting through the winter. I have never thought about what winter is like in Nepal. There are places where it’s just warm all winter and everybody goes around as usual.…
Screen picture of Worlds Clocks showing times around the world

Living in Two (or more) Time Zones

[Background sound effects: The group across the that meets for loudspeaker yoga and chanting in the mornings is making tiger screaming noises.] JF mentioned last night how strange it was for me to be heading off to bed on a…
Mountains of Pokhara, Nepal

Bus Trip Back from Pokhara

[Email to Jean-Francois] It was a grueling ordeal from beginning to end, but I kept repeating that the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude. The road is really bad and you know what the driving is like,…
Laptop and tablet sitting on a desk table top

The Mobile Office

What’s in my mobile office? Here’s the list: 13” MacBook Pro Charge cord for the Mac Foam/Cloth case for the Mac Big heavy book: Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual Lightweight second screen. Foam/cloth case for the 2nd screen…