International Work: Success story

OH! YES! I had a HUGE HUGE milestone yesterday! I’m at Hayden Hall, where I’ve built a medical records system for a group of paramedics working with pregnant women and mothers with kids under 5 years old to improve health outcomes. I built the system last year as a pilot project involving just the paramedics around the office here.  I’ve trained two staffers in the Poor-Internet system I devised, and supported them through a year of trial and error.
They are now able to log all the health visits the paramedics made, enter new mothers and children with medical records on time for monthly reports. And together we’ve created a Monthly Report dashboard the hits the key data points for paramedic supervisors.
But yesterday, I got the payback for this year’s work:
Binita, one of the staffers I’ve trained, came to me to tell me that they REALLY need to extend the Salesforce coverage outside of Darjeeling itself into the remote villages too far from the office to bring their health visit reports to a weekly meeting. And then Binita went on to describe exactly how this would get done: the paramedics would fill up paper sheets, the way the Darjeeling paramedics do, and then they would submit them to the area supervisors (“Centres in Charge”)  in the towns that serve as hubs for the village workers. The CICs would enter that data to Excel templates that Hayden Hall would have created for them, and submit them to the data import guy here who uses Apsona to zip them into Hayden Hall’s Salesforce!!!
Can you believe it!? She sees what we’re doing, and has moved to the next step, “How can we make this work beyond what we’re doing now?” Her argument to the ruling priests of Hayden Hall? “We’re working blind right now. We don’t know what’s going on in the remote villages. If we can’t cover ALL the work we’re doing, then it doesn’t make sense to just Salesforce at all!”
Wow. Just wow. This was the vision, and I’m seeing it happen.