Find 18-character Record Type IDs

Working on a tricky Salesforce problem today and all my MVP friends told me I needed to get the 18-character Record Type ID if I’m using Record Type as one of the criteria for my Process Builder workflow. Okay…


The United States was asleep while I was trying to figure that part out so off I went to Google. I went through several of the articles before I found this from pjcarly on the Salesforce Stack Exchange. Note that the poor guy was dissed badly before someone gave him the answer.

I wasn’t finished though. I went to Setup > DataLoader only to find that I needed to DOWNLOAD the DataLoader. Okay. Can do that.

Nope. Can’t get to Dataloader until I have a new version of Java on my computer.

Can’t open Java because Chrome doesn’t support opening it to make sure it runs.

Move to Safari  and can’t open Java there until I update my AdobeFlash.

I didn’t forget that DataLoader, since it’s coming from my computer, will need my Security Token attached to the end of my password. Lucky for me, I had it stored in my Security Tokens folder in Gmail. Otherwise, I’d have had to regenerate that.

I try to log in, but…Salesforce sends Verification code, check Gmail, find and enter.

To all my Salesforce friends, in case we forget that we’re doing this for love, this is SOLID PROOF!