The Mobile Office

What’s in my mobile office? Here’s the list:

  • 13” MacBook Pro
  • Charge cord for the Mac
  • Foam/Cloth case for the Mac
  • Big heavy book: Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual
  • Lightweight second screen.
  • Foam/cloth case for the 2nd screen
  • Connection cord for 2nd screen that has two other USB ports
  • 1TB Backup unit with (theoretically) all my computer files from all my computers
  • iPad
  • Charge cord with USB and plug
  • iPhone
  • Charge cord with USB and plug
  • Battery pack for charging iPhone and iPad with four USB ports— can be used with an electrical outlet to recharge the pack, or be plugged into a computer
  • Cord for plugging battery pack into a computer. Same cord also charges my Nook
  • Nook with 12 books to read
  • Charge cord and plug for the Nook.
  • Multi-USB charging station for charging four USB-using devices.
  • Two adapter plugs for Nepal

Two sets of earplugs, one with mic near the mouth

  • One set of headphones
  • Reading glasses
  • Notebook/Journal
  • Pens
  • Kanban mini white board
  • Kanban kit with stickies, dry erase pen.