Nepal in November

In November, two of my friends and I will head to the country of Nepal, where we will find opportunities to work in fields where we have experience and expertise.

I’ll be working with my client (and I WISH I could get them to change this name…) Community-Based Rehabilitation/Resource Center for Rehabilitation and Development (CBR/RCRD). They’ve been clients of mine since I first went to Nepal as an exigent volunteer in 2004.

I let them know when I’ll be coming, how long I’ll stay– typically a month, sometimes longer–  and the first day of my visit we decide together how I can best help them this time. On my last visit in 2010, I conducted tech training (Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, Skype and for a national audience and I worked with their IT guy on problems with his Access Database.

As with all my Worldstouch international technology projects, I work for hospitality. CBR/RCRD provides a room in their hostel and meals on the rooftop dining hall.  I have early-morning yoga with my hosts as well, and participate in festivals and gatherings when I’m invited.

This time, I’ll bring two friends–one a lifelong international teacher, trainer and community organizer, the other a highly trained psychologist. They pay their way, as do I, and we’ll find ways they can use their skills to help out while they are there.